Green Dot symbol

All packaging where fee is paid to an approved producer responsibility organization (PRO):

The Green Dot symbol is a receipt. We encourage you to show that the company has taken environmental responsibility for the packaging through its membership in Grønt Punkt Norge. This is positive for the company's reputation. The Green Dot symbol should be used without text on the packaging, but Registered trademark ® at the top right. This is practiced equally throughout Europe.


Use together with pictogram

The Green Dot symbol should appear as a separat symbol without wording, and not as a part of the same graphic highlight as the sorting pictogram and text. We recommend that the Green Dot symbol is to the left of the pictogram with extra space equivalent to the (R) between Green Dot symbol and pictogram. The corresponding text to the pictogram should be placed to the right, never under both symbols. 

Use of color

Green The dot symbol is printed in the correct green color, in one color, or in negative black or white. Color is optional as long as contrast is taken into account and the symbol is visible on the packaging. The darkest arrow should always face to the right.


The recommended minimum size of the Green Dot symbol is 10 mm. The Green Dot symbol incl. ® and the pictogram should have the same height.

In particularly small packaging, the height may exceptionally be reduced (minimum 6 mm).

Use on other surfaces and digitally

Members of Green Dot Norway are encouraged to publish that they take environmental responsibility for the packaging by using Grønt Punkt Norges's logo in e.g. environmental reports and on its website together with a text announcing that it takes producer responsibility and a link pointing to Grønt Punkt Norway's logo can be downloaded here.

Note! When used on a screen, you must use the logo file with an RGB profile. To ensure readability, Green Dot Norway's logo should never appear smaller than 40x40 px.