The packaging label for hazardous waste

A lot of packaging that contains or has contained hazardous waste must be handed in to an approved hazardous waste delivery. The hazard label to be placed on the packaging is regulated by the Norwegian Environment Agency (Miljødirektoratet).

Our information only applies to clean and dry packaging that can be recycled and how it should be marked with the correct pictogram and text.

Packaging for hazardous waste that is marked with acute toxic, oxidizing, gas under pressure or explosive must be delivered to a waste handling facility or other approved delivery.


Packaging that is labeled chronic health hazard or flammable and has the signal word DANGER must be delivered to a recycling station or other approved reception.

Packaging categorized with the following contents can, in addition to the imposed hazardous waste symbol, also be marked with a Green Dot symbol and the correct pictogram, provided that it is clean and dry:

Suggested text:
Sorted as plastic provided clean and dry

Packaging categorized with the following contents is delivered as hazardous waste:

We recommend clear marking with text:
The bottle (possibly the jug / box) must be delivered to a facility for hazardous waste after use.

We recommend here that you do not use the Green Dot symbol as this is misunderstood by many that the packaging can be sorted at source.