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The packaging symbol for beverage carton

The pictogram for beverage carton shall be used on carton intended for liquid contents (liquid carton, typically bric or gabletop). The carton can weigh from approximately 150–400 g / m2 and can have layers, top and cork of plastic and / or metal. These are the criteria for the packaging to be marked as recyclable. All packaging should be optimized for recycling using as much mono material as possible.



The recommended minimum size of the pictogram on the packaging is 10 mm. On particularly small packaging, the height of the pictogram may exceptionally be reduced (minimum 6 mm).


Use of the Green Dot symbol together with text and pictogram

We recommend that the pictogram be combined with the Green Dot symbol as illustrated. The text should be to the right of the pictogram. Text should never be placed within the square.

Use of color

The pictogram is preferably printed in the correct blue color.

  • Pantone (print) 2185 C
  • CMYK (print) 95/35/5/0
  • RGB (web) 0/130/190
  • RAL (foil / sign) 5015 - Sky Blue

It can also be printed in black or white, depending on what provides the best contrast. 

Recommended minimum size:


Recommended explanatory text:


For beverage carton with screw cap:



Use the correct color if possible, alternatively in black or white:

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