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Why label the packaging?

Companies who send packaged products on the market are obliged to ensure recycling of the packaging. When the symbol is printed on the packaging, this will provide an extra reminder for daily sorting and thus increased quantities of correctly sorted packaging. The packaging should also be marked with the Green Dot symbol to clarify that fee has been paid and thus environmental responsibility has been taken with an approved producer responsibility organization (PRO).

The new pictograms now in use on packaging are the same symbols implemented on all waste containers, return points and environmental stations and replace pictograms and waste symbols that have been in use for over 20 years. The new symbols are based on the Danish, developed in 2017. The use of the same colors and being close to their illustrations has been important to ensure a common Nordic system. New symbols are introduced in close cooperation with the recycling and waste community, led by Avfall Norge and Loop.

The new square symbols provide more space for illustration and are thus clearer than previous illustration in a triangle. User testing shows high immediate understanding. This will increase the understanding of the sorting schemes and help to achieve new, ambitious recycling goals.

The pictograms are recommendations and intended as an aid to the consumer in waste sorting. The use of the new pictograms or other marketing that communicates recyclability is the responsibility of the producer.


The recommended minimum size of the pictogram on the packaging is 10 mm. On particularly small packaging, the height of the pictogram may exceptionally be reduced (minimum 6 mm).


In addition to the Green Dot symbol and pictogram, explanatory text should be used. This is placed in the Inter font or other used on the packaging. Text should never be placed within the square. Link to font


The marks should preferably be used with the right color, but are also available in black or white. See instructions for more details.

Recommended minimum size:


Recommended text:


Use the correct color if possible, alternatively in black or white:

This packaging labeling user guide is version 1.0.

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Kid Interiør AS

"We label our packaging correctly to make it easy for the customer to sort the packaging, and to help ensure that everything that can be recycled is recycled.


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"Tine wants used packaging to be recycled into new packaging. That is why it is so important that the packaging is clearly labeled so that it can be waste sorted."