Plastic from industry

Approximately 2/3 of all plastic from packaging collected in Norway through Grønt Punkt Norge is generated by trade and industry sectors. This used packaging are much cleaner and more homogeneous than waste packaging from households, making possible more efficient and less costly sorting and return systems and routines.

Grønt Punkt Norge has agreements with more than 120 collectors of plastic packaging from these sectors. The collectors are required to handle all types of plastic packaging from this source and ensure that it is sent on to recycling.

Green Dot signs agreement with each collector. This includes financial support enabling trade and industry to deliver plastic packaging free of charge. Green Dot has an overview of the collaborates recycling agreements and thus guarantees that the collected goods are recycled.

With a view to cost-efficiency, and because the recycling of different types of packaging requires different processes, Grønt Punkt Norge divided plastic packaging from trade and industry sectors into the following fractions: "foil", "hard plastic packaging", "PP-bags", "EPS (Styrofoam)". "Packaging from hazardous materials" does not have recycling goals rather than goal to be taken out of circulation if necessary and handled with proper care.