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The packaging symbol for carton, corrugated cardboard and packaging paper from sulphate pulp

Packaging which mainly consists of carton is marked as carton (*). Pure corrugated cardboard packaging is marked as cardboard. Bagasse packaging is also marked with cardboard/carton pictograms. Packaging of pure sulphate pulp paper is marked as paper. Composite packaging of sulphate pulp paper and plastic / aluminum, which cannot be easily separated, is marked as residual waste. All packaging should be optimized for recycling using as much monomaterial as possible.



The recommended minimum size of the pictogram on the packaging is 10 mm. On particularly small packaging, the height of the pictogram may exceptionally be reduced (minimum 6 mm).


Use of the Green Dot symbol together with text and pictogram

We recommend that the pictogram be combined with the Green Dot symbol as illustrated. The text should be to the right of the pictogram. Text should never be placed within the square.


Use of color

The pictogram is preferably printed in the correct blue color.

  • Pantone (print) 2185 C
  • CMYK (print) 95/35/5/0
  • RGB (web) 0/130/190
  • RAL (foil / sign) 5015 - Sky Blue

It can also be printed in black or white, depending on what provides the best contrast.

Packaging consisting of both carton and other material intended to be separated before sorting

The packaging must be marked with several pictograms if it consists of several materials intended to be sorted separately. Smaller plastic parts of the packaging, such as corks etc. with dimensions below 5X5X5 cm, do not need to be marked for separate sorting as plastic.

(*) Grønt Punkt Norge aim to establish limit values ​​where packaging that cannot be separated and consists of less than 80% carton should be marked as residual waste. Contact us if you want to label packaging outside this limit value.


Recommended minimum size:


Recommended explanatory text for cardboard:

Recommended explanatory text for corrugated fiberboard:


Use the correct color if possible, alternatively in black or white:

Recommended explanatory text for packaging paper from sulphate pulp

Use the correct color if possible, alternatively in black or white:

Packaging consisting of cardboard and other material, which should be separated:

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