What is Grønt Punkt?

Grønt Punkt Norge AS ("Green Dot Norway plc") is a privately owned non-profit company responsible for financing the recovery and recycling of used packaging on behalf of the industrial sector.

Grønt Punkt Norge guarantees that all packaging collected through these schemes is either recycled or recovered as energy. To this end, Grønt Punkt Norge and the participating material companies have established a network of collectors, local authorities and recycling companies to ensure that all sorted packaging is recycled.

In addition, from 2008 Grønt Punkt Norge has assumed responsibility for the administration of the material companies involved in plastic packaging, carton packaging and beverage cartons and in change of developing, organising and operating recycling schemes for these kinds of packaging.

Since the establishment of the material companies in 1994-96 and later Grønt Punkt Norge in 1997 a range of initiatives on the part of the material companies has helped Norway evolve from a pure consumer society to one more wary of exploiting its resources. But even though most of the packaging fractions for which Grønt Punkt Norge is responsible are now recovered, there is still some way to go.

The recycling schemes organised by Grønt Punkt Norge are based on trade agreements with recycling targets with the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment for each of the relevant packaging fractions.